A glance at Swedish Cleantech

During decades, Sweden has been in the forefront of environmental protection, with incentives to reduce pollution and strong support for innovation that have fostered green technologies. Sweden has shown that it is possible to combine economic growth with a decreased carbon foot print.

  • Wind

    Supported by Sweden’s green certificate system there has been a massive expansion in wind power. In 2014, Sweden was...

  • Bioenergy

    Sweden is a world leader in the utilisation of bio­energy, in heat and power production, in biofuels like ethanol,...

  • Ocean energy

    Sweden’s industrial and engineering base combined with strict environmental and safety policies has created a solid foundation of wave...

  • Solar energy

    There is a large potential for solar generated power in Sweden. It is estimated that 40 TWh annual power...

  • Smart grid

    Existing grids are under pressure; a global rise in demand for electricity requires a reliable and efficient electric power...

  • Green building

    A large portion of the running costs for a building origins from heating and the oil crisis in the...

  • Waste and recycling

    Waste and waste management is a global challenge of huge proportions. The total amount of waste generated worldwide annually...

  • Water

    By applying strict treatment standards, using more than 1 750 public waterworks, Sweden has a waste water and water...

  • Transport and vehicle

    Sweden is the base for three major vehicle manufacturers; Volvo, Volvo Cars and Scania. The vehicle sector is an...

Facts about Cleantech in Sweden

Why Sweden?

A small country in terms of population but with great assets, a high level of innovation and with a thriving startup scene, the Swedish entrepreneurial ecosystem keeps attracting investors and producing disruptive innovations


Billion SEK invested in Swedish Startups in 2016


Share of Renewable energy


GDP Growth in 2016


Reduction of Co2 emission since 1990

Swedish Cleantech